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Daniele Costa

After a great number of years of work in businesses of plant and flower purchase for a major Swiss company, I decided to make my dream come true: to start an independent activity that would express my talents and share my new education as an Ayurveda therapist with people. 

I have always been attracted by oriental disciplines, so in 2003 I started a pathway of training in Reiki, following all 3 levels, which I finished in 2004.

After a break of a few years and becoming aware that I was missing something in my profession at that time, I enrolled in the school of naturopathy, which made me realize which path was most suitable for me.


Within my path as a naturopath, I discovered Ayurveda. I graduated from the Ayurvedic Point in Milan as an Ayurveda therapist in 2016, where I followed a 4-year training course and I also obtained a specialization in India in Panchakarma techniques at the SNA Oushadashala-Trisshur Institute (Kerala) with a three-year course of studies. I then achieved my diploma as a complementary therapist in Ticino. I continued my studies by attending the specialized school Maharishi Italy in diagnosis in Ayurveda, a 3-year course that ended in 2021.


According to Ayurveda to be a good therapist one must have the following qualities:


Anurakta (as close to the patient as a blood relative);

Suci (keeping oneself clean soul, mind and body);

Buddhiman (must be able to reason with mind and consciousness);

Daksa (must know how to use all the tools available to him efficiently and adequately).


I am therefore committed to divulge Ayurveda with short practical courses on various topics such as how to live healthier, happier and in harmony with our surroundings.


Tibetan Bells have always been one of my passions. Attracted by the sound they produce, I have always rung them, having some at home. During my Ayurvedic journey I found out that a former Tibetan monk called Thonla Sonam held training courses in Milan on the therapeutic use of bells. Thonla passed on the ancient knowledge of the Bompo Tibetan monks, the highest class of Bon monks, who were considered real shamans, able to deal with the non-visible diseases that afflicted men through spiritual healing with bells.

I started the 3-level path in 2014 and finished it in 2017. I am happy to have followed this path and I am ready to make my knowledge available to help those in need.


In 2022 my dream is accomplished: The House of the 5 Elements will open its doors to everyone. It is a project to which I have dedicated years of training and research, work and evolutionary processes powered by sound intentions. With love and passion, I renovated the house where I used to live, creating two treatment rooms, a beautiful room in which to offer evenings of harmonious bathing with Tibetan bells, two comfortable guest rooms and common areas for breakfast and relaxation. Thus, the b&b House of the 5 Elements is born. 

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