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The creative sound of OM

Tibetan bells played with traditional wooden clappers became precious musical instruments, able to harmonize the macrocosm and the microcosm. According to the traditional cosmogony of the Himalayan peoples, the world was born from the OM. In the original space, a vibration was produced that gradually transformed itself into the primordial sound of the universe.


This sound unites the fundamental elements it is made of, namely ether, air, fire, water and earth. The karmic force aggregates the planetary elements, constituting the earthly reality in its variety of aspects and life.

The gross body and the subtle body

Our body is composed of a solid part related to matter, of which the different systems are part: muscular, nervous, bony, lymphatic and circulatory. These systems are well known as they can be seen, but we also have subtle channels that are invisible, where life energy flows. These channels are also well known to acupuncturists. People never think about their subtle body, because they can neither see it nor touch it, and what is "invisible" to our materialistic society is of no importance. But, as a matter of fact, taking care of it is the most important thing we can do. Because therefrom depends being sick or healthy, happy or unhappy and so on. The Tibetan Bells create a vibration that resonates within the body, enabling the harmonization of the energy of the 5 elements and, therefore, restoring health.

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The treatments

Rebalancing of the chakras

Fr. 90.00 1 hour

The patient lies in a supine position. The bells are gently placed on the 5 main chakras and played until the chakras are re-harmonized.


Rebalancing of the 5 elements

Fr. 90.00 1 hour

As for chakra balancing, Tibetan Bells are placed on the 5 chakras. The corresponding element is placed in each bell and mantras are chanted at the same time, which specifically work on the elements and thus restore their strength


Cleansing the aura

Fr. 60.00 30 minutes

The person stands with eyes closed and a bell is rung along the whole body following the 8 cardinal axes, which allows a deep cleansing and harmonization of the aura.


Sound massage

Fr. 90.00 1 hour

This massage is carried out with the patient lying in a prone position, starting from the feet. A very deep-sounding bell is placed and then played following the shape of the body.

It is excellent for pains and problems related to retention of liquids.

Massage of the aura

Fr. 90.00 1 hour / Fr. 50.00 30 minutes

The patient lies in a supine position and large bells are placed on the sides of the body and rung. The vibrations that are created move the stagnant energies, giving the body a renewed sense of well-being and purification, while being wrapped up in a cloud of harmonic sounds.


Harmonious group bath

Fr. 30.00 per person / Fr. 25.00 per person with subscription for 5 evenings

In the Prithvi room, located on the ground floor of the House of the 5 Elements, I welcome those who wish to experience a harmonious group bath with Tibetan Bells. I have been offering this since 2017 and it has been evolving ever since. According to the experience gained, I have started to use instruments such as the gong and the Theta drum, the only "double" Ocean Drum on the market. It is inspired by the sounds of the Mediterranean Sea, full of inimitable nuances, with an incredibly natural and evocative sound that faithfully recreates the dynamics of the waves and the undertow of the sea. These ancestral sounds guide you into a world of well-being and re-connection with the energies of nature. In small groups, you lie or sit around the bells which are rung and tolled. You will be lulled by the sound of the bells for deep relaxation, bringing you to the limits of your waking state.

Harmonious private group bath
If you would like to organise with friends or your own group in private we can arrange on a date of
your choice.
The cost is as follows:
Fr. 250.- up to 4 people
Fr. 280.- up to 6 people
Fr. 320.- up to 8 people
Fr. 360.- up to 12 people
Harmonious couple bath
Same procedure as in the harmonious group bath, but only for the couple
Fr. 160.- per couple

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The bells, due to their shape and composition, reproduce this sound reuniting it with what originally constitutes it.


The harmonization of men with the cosmos would lead to the elimination of those energetic dissonances that cause a rupture in the link between men and the universe, introducing illness in the body and bewilderment and sadness in the soul.


The correspondence of the sound of the bowls with that of the planetary movements is given by their very material structure. The alloy which they are made of is composed of seven metals, connected to the seven celestial bodies of the solar system:

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Gold for the sun

Silver for the moon

Iron for mars

Mercury for mercury

Tin Jupiter

Copper for Venus

Lead for Saturn

Why should one receive treatments using the Tibetan Bells?

The first benefit offered by the sound of the bell is the recovery of the ability to listen to an external sound, to one's own breath, to one's own heart.

The sound is very beneficial for vital balance and energy recovery. In addition to the relaxing effect, it also repairs those dysfunctions that can alter the deep cellular balance, leading over time to the onset of disease. The repair of the Chakras tends to regularize their functioning, re-establishing a correct and natural energy exchange between the various zones of the body.

A balance on the psychological and physical level is achieved. It is very effective in cases of acute stress. The sound of the bells relieves tension, helps obtaining a better quality of sleep and relieves headaches, fatigue, digestive disorders and mood swings.


The resonating vibrations produce an internal massage; this generates a draining effect on liquids and elimination of toxins. Particularly suitable for problems related to liquid retention and for strengthening the immune system.

Physical benefits

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