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What is Ayurveda?

Among the most ancient traditions in the world that survived and remained intact during thousands of years of history, the Ayurveda, also defined as the “traditional Indian medicine”, literally means “knowledge of life or of the duration of life” and this meaning clearly goes beyond the mere concept of medical care.  It is a medical and scientific subject that provides special knowledge about the functioning of our body, both in health and illness and, in particular, it deepens the psychosomatic values that are present in any situation where there is illness and, thus, where a state of suffering is developing within the person.


Ayurveda aims at 4 fundamental purposes

Prevent illnesses

Look after our health

Maintain our health

Promote longevity

How does Ayurveda take effect?

The curative technics adopted are various and contain actions aimed at rebalancing both body and mind and their relationship with the environment. Within a short time, a number of actions can be identified through the body: nutrition, use of medical plants; physical treatments such as complete or partial massages with special oils and techniques; detox therapies, balancing of the senses, psychophysical rhythms, balancing of the mind and its environment. An important part of these treatments is the aimed at the elimination of physical toxins and at the activation of the healing energy inside us. The Ayurveda can be a valid support and help for the treatments of allopathic medicine.

The definition of health by the antique texts of the Ayurveda:

“The healthy individual is he or she who has moods, who possesses the digestive fire, has a good balance of both the tissue components and the excretory functions and whose spirit, senses and mind are always content”.

And the three doshas... What are Vata, Pitta and Kapha?

Sometimes they are translated as “physical states”, “energies”, “constitutional principles” or, recently, “bioenergetic principles”. Their literal meaning is “defect”, “alteration”, “damage”, with an obvious reference to the fact that they may become unbalanced and, thus, determining illnesses. Actually, they indicate the physiological principles governing all the functions of body and mind. There are 3 doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. Each of them is the result of the combination of two of the pancha mahabhuta, “the five gross elements” the matter is composed of.


Vata represents the principle of movement and activation. It governs all that is moving in the body and relates in particular to nerve, circulatory, respiratory, excretory and locomotion functions.


Pitta represents the principle of transformation and of heat. It governs all the metabolic functions of the body and the thermoregulation, and in particular it relates to all the endocrine and digestive and functions.


Kapha represents the principle of cohesion and structure. It governs the fluids and relates in particular to growth and the functions of the immune system. 

Of course, the three doshas work in synergy in order to maintain the balance of the body. For example, they govern the elementary cellular processes as well as the digestive process.

The ayurvedic anamnesis

Special attention is given to the patient during the first appointment for a treatment.

The anamnesis consists in checking the pulse, which shows the imbalances present in the body referred to vata, pitta and kapha. This then allows to start a deeper dialogue with the patient about what is going on. In this manner the type of treatment can be much more targeted and personalized, according to the individual nature of the person, in order to facilitate the rebalancing. During the first visit, suggestions are given to correct eating habits and lifestyle, which is of help for the rebalancing. The treatments normalIy pacify and rebalance quickly, but it is important that the patient becomes aware of where the mistakes that lead to the imbalance are. The substances used for treatments are various, but essentially based on herbal ayurvedic oils and medicated powders.

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Two treatment rooms

The Centre has two treatment cabinets, both of which can be quickly brought to a comfortable temperature of 25 degrees to help the patient to feel at ease. Cotton sheets which are then washed and sanitized are used.

The Akasha cabinet has a wooden Droni, a traditional Indian Ayurvedic bed, suitable for Siro Dhara and Svedana treatments (sauna after an Abhyangam treatment).

In the Vaju cabinet, all other Ayurvedic treatments and individual treatments with Tibetan bells are carried out. The lounger can be heated in order to keep the patient more comfortable during the treatment.


Before starting a treatment an initial contact to create a connection with the patient is established.

I like to take the necessary time with each patient and, if they wish, they can take a shower after the Ayurvedic treatment so that they can resume their activities.

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The time devoted to each individual treatment varies from 30'/40' (partial treatment) to 60'/75' (full treatment).

After the treatment, a minimum amount of rest time is essential and a shower is normally required. All you need is at your disposal.

All treatments must be received on an empty stomach.

Women should refrain from receiving treatments during their menstrual period (first 3 days).

Any make-up must be removed and this can be done in the cabinet.

For each treatment pure, precious and certified Ayurvedic medicated oils and herbal and spice powders are used according to the principles and recipes of traditional Āyurveda.

Two-handed and four-handed treatments are available as passed on from the most classical Indian tradition.

Partial treatments


Fr 220.- 1 single treatment

Fr 480.- 1 set of three treatments

It is a specific and important Ayurvedic medical therapy, which -  unfortunately -  is often confused with a simple relaxation technique.

As a matter of fact, in addition to the more superficial indications, it acts profoundly bringing balance to all perturbed Doṣhas (it is a useful treatment for all three Doṣhas, depending on the substances that are used). But, since it acts in depth, the rebalancing process is not always free from critical phases.


Shiro Abhyanga

Fr. 80.00

Specific head treatment 

In order to improve the condition of your hair and scalp, prevent hair loss and dandruff. For relaxation and mental clarity, increase of the eyesight, a better sleep, more strength in the whole body and nourishment of all tissues.


Ayurvedic facial treatment

Fr. 130.00

Full facial treatment including facial massage, light svedana, application of herbal mask and final application of dedicated oil.


Mukha Abhyanga

Fr. 80.00

Simple facial treatment with Ayurvedic oil and stimulation of energy points.

Rejuvenating, relieves fatigue, used in case of certain eye disorders for reflex stimulation of a few Marma points, strengthens the body. Useful against insomnia, nourishes the skin and tones all body tissues, improves facial radiance by reducing wrinkles, thoroughly purifies the skin by removing impurities, thoroughly oxygenates the tissues, promotes immunity, nourishes the organs of perception.

Tanda Abhyanga

Fr. 120.00

Relaxing treatment aimed to release tension in the back. One hour exclusively dedicated to this part of the body!

It works by pacifying the Vāta principle and, therefore, it is indicated for muscular contractures, states of fatigue, tensions caused by mental and postural stress, etc. Useful for increasing the circulation of the Prāṇa, removing energy stagnation and freeing the channels.


Griva Abhyanga

Fr. 80.00

Relaxation treatment for the cervical spine

Indicated for muscle contractures, painful symptoms of the cervical spine, states of fatigue, tensions caused by mental and postural stress, headaches.


Pada Abhyanga

Fr. 80.00

Ayurvedic foot treatment

Conveying peace to the three Doṣhas, relaxing, acts on the Marma points and related systems, treats stiffness and improves joint flexibility, counteracts numbness and reactivates blood circulation. Useful for swollen feet and retention in the extremities, prevents and treats dryness of the feet.


External Basti

Fr. 80.00

Application and maintenance of medicated oils on specific areas of the body (Netra/eyes – Kati/lumbar – Griva/cervical – Janu/knee – Hirdu/chest – Prishta/back etc.)



Fr. 100.00

Purification treatment of the upper respiratory system.

Some common indications are: mucus in excess, headaches, tension of the jaw, earaches, dryness of the facial skin, sinusitis. This treatment stimulates the eyesight, decreases anxiety and improves the sleep, stimulates the brain, strengthens the face, neck, shoulders, chest and improves the breathing rhythm.


Kaash Bowl for feet

Fr. 120.00

Special treatment for your feet by using the Kaash Bowl and medicated ghee.

According to Āyurveda, a foot massage improves eyesight thanks to the stimulation of certain areas of the soles of the feet and has a positive effect on blood and lymph circulation by giving lightness and vitality.


Kaash Bowl for face (Ayurvedic method Point©)

Fr. 100.00

Deep, regenerating facial treatment using the Kaash Bowl suitable for the face, with ghee or specific medicated oils.

Softens and relaxes the face, harmonizes and relaxes the organs of perception, brings relief to tired eyes, provides deep relaxation and is useful for the elderly, helps night rest, helps physical and mental harmonization, has significant aesthetic effects by improving tone, skin color and circulation; gives deep mental relaxation.



Wraps on specific areas of the body using warm medicated oils

Tanda Pichu (spinal column) Fr. 70.00

Griva Pichu (cervical area) Fr. 40.00

Shiro Pichu (top of head or forehead) Fr. 40.00


Ekanga Dhara

from Fr. 40.00 to Fr. 80.00

Pouring of medicated oils or decoctions on specific areas of the body.

The radiance and beauty of the body are improved, the process promotes longevity, regeneration and rejuvenation of the body. It is indicated for various dosha disorders, as application methods and substances are changed according to individual needs.



Fr. 50.00

Special poultice applied on specific areas of the body.


A spiritual energetic massage (MES)

Fr. 80.00

Energetic rebalancing through stimulation of specific points under the soles of the feet.

Full body massage treatments

Sarvanga Abhyanga

(with 2 hands) Fr. 120.00

(with 4 hands) Fr. 160.00

Classical treatment of the whole body, head included, carried out in 5 or 7 positions.

Relieves tension in body and mind, pacifies the senses, reduces muscle and joint stiffness. Improves flexibility of the whole body, muscle tone, brightens the skin, stimulates the immune system, detoxifies the body. Reduces stress and alleviates signs of premature ageing. Helps improve circulation in the Srotas by improving energy exchange.


Nala Abhyanga

(2 hands) Fr. 120.00

(4 hands) Fr. 160.00

Balancing body treatment in order to balance venous and lymphatic circulation.

It is indicated to improve venous and lymphatic circulation, removing toxins, relieving fatigue, water retention and swelling, removing blood and lymph stasis.



(2 hands) Fr. 140.00

(4 hands) Fr. 180.00

Body treatment with powders and herbs (oily, dry or decoction).

Reduces excess of Meda Dhātu, the adipose tissue, improves skin quality, eliminates bad smells and excess of sweating, useful for hyperhidrosis, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, activates exchanges between the Dhātus.


Prana Marma Therapy (PMT)

Fr. 130.00

Full body energy treatment with stimulation of the 107 Marma points.

Stimulates the defense energies and brings balance to the entire system. It improves the energy circulation of the Nāḍīs and Srotas. Specifically relates to the Doṣhas and the Sub-Doṣhas. Useful in case of immune system deficits, states of fatigue and prolonged stress. Helps the body-mind complex to regain its natural balance.


Pinda Svedana

(2 hands) Fr. 140.00

(4 hands) Fr. 180.00

Heat treatment with herbal Pindas of various kind.

Dabbing with warm bundles of rice and/or appropriate herbs, which have a purifying and fortifying effect on all body tissues. Generally, the treatments improve vitality, have a detox effect and keep the Srotas (channels) free. They are also indicated for disorders of the nervous systems and movement.



Fr. 190.00

Svedana treatment based on pouring medicated oils on the whole body.

Common benefits and indications are: chronic disorders of the bone-joint system and the nervous system. Hemiplegia, spasticity, neurological disorders.


Sarvanga Dhara

Fr. 190.00

Medicated decoctions and/or milk poured over the whole body.

Common benefits and indications are: systemic detoxification, chronic disorders of the peripheral nervous system. Hemiplegia, spasticity, neurological disorders.


Energetic treatment of the Nadis

Fr. 130.00

Special purifying treatment of the 14 main energy channels

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